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Veteran Florida Investigative Journalist Karen Curtis explores true-crime, life and death cases in her own back yard that influence the nation and the world. The podcasts include exclusive audio and ground-breaking true-crime investigations.
Episode 179: Family Annihilator Henry Segura
Henry Segura was a married man with a thing for the ladies. As several women got pregnant and the child support obligations stacked up, Henry snapped and committed a quadruple murder thus becoming a family annihilator.
The Docket: Instant Crazy Florida Criminal, just add water
This week on The Docket, a Florida man hot about his ex-wife's electricity usage, literally gets into a deadly power struggle. Plus, the Broward County judge overseeing sentencing for Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz is refusing to step down.
Episode 178: Was Terri Schiavo Murdered?
After last week's podcast dropped about the tragic, prolonged death of Terri Schiavo, her brother, Bobby Schindler reached out to me to say I had my facts wrong. He believes that his sister's death was not caused from an eating disorder, but that her husband Michael stopped her heart and eventually killed her. Listen to his side of the story.
The Docket: Credit Card Crackdown on Gun Sales
This week on The Docket an overdosing Broward woman spits on paramedics in an attempt to infect them with HIV. A condo association president is busted for planting a hidden camera in a resident's bedroom without her permission. And credit card companies will now have a separate code for every transaction involving a gun, and then they will decide what is suspicious.
Episode 177: The Dance of the Feeding Tube
In 1990, 26-year-old Terri Schiavo's heart stopped and she collapsed in her Florida home. She was revived but suffered brain damage. What followed was 15 years of "the dance of the feeding tube" Her parents wanted to keep her alive, her husband believed her wish would be to die.