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Barsky Radio 1/28/2020 Hr 1

Some breaking news about a big earthquake and a tsunami warning, Kobe Bryant’s impact on pop culture, your daily impeachment update and checking in on the Coronavirus on today’s Barsky Radio.

Barsky Radio 1/28/2020 Hr 2

A Chick-fil-A breastfeeding incident and some stories about dumb robbers on today’s Barsky Radio.

Barsky Radio 1/28/2020 Hr 3

Your impeachment update and whether the trial will have witnesses or not, people continue their outpouring of support for Kobe Bryant, and your Show Biz news on today’s Barsky Radio.

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You Okay Julianne Hough?
An odd video featuring “Dancing With The Stars” Star Julianne Hough is whipping around the internet. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland with chiropractor and bodyworker John Amaral, Hough’s body contorts and she screams as part of a demonstration of something called “somatic energy healing.”

Barsky Radio

Inmate Attacks Deputy
Michler Gabriel, an inmate in Tampa, Florida, is facing felony charges of battery on a law enforcement officer after allegedly assaulting a deputy. Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister released footage of the incident which appears to show an inmate punching the deputy several times in the face after he was pushed away from the jail door.

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Father Tackles Son’s Wrestling Opponent
A father was arrested and charged after he rushed and tackled a high school wrestler during a match according to a Kannapolis Police Department news release. The teen he tackled was from Southeast Guilford High School and was wrestling Jones’ son, who is a student from Hickory Ridge High School.

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