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Barsky Radio 11/15/2019 Hr 1

The impeachment inquiry continues to crawl along, Roger Stone was convicted on all sorts of charges in his trial, and a Thursday Night NFL brawl all on today’s Barsky Radio!

Barsky Radio 11/15/2019 Hr 2

Are these Popeyes chicken sandwich skirmishes a hoax? Also, the ISIS Bride is back in the news and a woman in Melbourne gave birth to a baby recently….except she had no idea she was pregnant. All that on today’s Barksy Radio!

Barsky Radio 11/15/2019 Hr 3

The impeachment inquiry continued today, Trump had another rally in Louisiana, the Bizarsky Story of the Week and Stump the Millennial all on today’s Barsky Radio!

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Popeyes Fights Continue...This Time With Commentary!
Confrontations continue around the country about these Popeyes chicken sandwiches. This one, however, comes with some great play-by-play. A Temecula, California resident captured a fight between two couples in a Popeyes restaurant drive-thru on her cellphone. Except the woman added her own commentary to the incident as it unfolded.

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Thursday Night Melee
Things got chippy last night on Thursday Night Football. With the Cleveland Browns up 21-7 and the game in hand, a late takedown of Steelers QB Mason Rudolph by Cleveland’s Myles Garrett sparked a brawl that will most likely lead to a host of suspensions. Even the announcers couldn’t believe what they were seeing.    

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Wine Shopper Caught Sampling An Entire Shelf
You’ve heard of dining and dashing? Well this guy in a supermarket in Thailand wined and dashed (kind of). The man was caught on camera sampling many different bottles of wine in the aisle. The best part? He only ended up purchasing one of them. The man reportedly tasted about $65 worth of wine before […]

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Popeyes Body Slam
More commotion surrounding the Popeyes chicken sandwich, this time with cellphone footage seeming to show an employee body slamming a customer just outside the store. According to reports, the incident stemmed from a verbal altercation inside the restaurant after 55-year-old Debra Staggs had been overcharged for her meal and used a racial slur toward an […]

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