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Barsky Radio 9/20/2019 Hr 1

Alienfest kicks off, plus Rudy Giuliani has gone crazy and a few pervert celebrity stories all on today’s Barsky Radio!

Barsky Radio 9/19/2019 Hr 1

Barsky’s next marriage prospect, the newest sexy Halloween costumes, and Justin Trudeau caught in a scandal all on today’s Barsky Radio!

Barsky Radio 9/19/2019 Hr 2

An NFL QB gets a million dollar offer, a march in the Perv Parade, and David Lee Roth takes claim for Van Halen’s biggest hits all on today’s Barsky Radio!

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Barsky Radio

Hero Cop saves Bridge Jumper
Officer Brian Rehg of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee made a heroic save, barely grabbing hold of a young man attempting to jump off the side of a bridge! Check out the video!

Barsky Radio

Woman accidentally swallows engagement ring while sleeping
A California woman says she had to have stomach surgery to remove her engagement ring that she accidentally swallowed while she was sleeping. The woman, Jenna Evans, told reporters that the whole thing occurred Tuesday night during a dream. According to the report, Evans says she was dreaming that she and her fiance were on […]

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