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Man arrested for trafficking 13-year-old boy
Officials in Marion County have arrested a 64-year-old man who reportedly housed a 13-year-old boy for sex trafficking. Frank Calabria was arrested earlier this week after an investigation found he “hired” a 13-year-old boy for sexual deeds after giving him a place to stay. Detectives also found that Calabria provided the minor with drugs such […]

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Suspect freed from jail due to COVID kills accuser
Authorities in Virginia are reporting that a man who was recently released from prison due to coronavirus concerns reportedly tracked down and killed a woman who accused him of rape. According to the report, 33-year-old Ibrahim E. Bousichi was indicted last year on several charges including rape, strangulation, and abduction. He was eventually released from […]

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16 dead in Air India Express plane crash
16 people are dead and hundreds more were left injured after an Air India Express plane slid off the runway while attempting to land. The incident was reported on Friday in New Delhi. Authorities say the Boeing 737 was attempting to land during heavy rain when the flight managed to skid off the runway. The […]

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