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The South Florida Morning Show hr 4 4-9-20

You may be shocked at some of these stats coming out. The amount of things that have changed because of this pandemic is pretty interesting. And John Matarese, our consumers expert joins the show. Some important info here for small businesses.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 3 4-9-20

What are we to make of Dr. Fauci? We may have some reasons to start doubting him at this point. And the CDC has some new guidelines for essential workers. We’ll tell you what you need to know there.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 2 4-9-20

Some notable moments from the President’s press conference yesterday. First, are we seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? Trump says yes. And if you missed the “Tiger King” question and Trump’s response, we have that here for you. Instant classic.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 1 4-9-20

Did you know that Bernie Sanders was still in the presidential race? We honestly forgot. Well, he’s not anymore. We have the details there. Plus the reactions from the Bernie Bros…wow. And good for Tyler Perry. Wait until you hear this good deed he did in Atlanta yesterday.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 4 4-8-20

As Passover begins tonight and Holy Week carries on, we have some ways you can celebrate at home and still get the most out of it. And wait until you hear about the “smart toilet” Is this something you would be interested in?

The South Florida Morning Show hr 3 4-8-20

Well it’s a disappointing time for grads and their families. We’ll tell you about the official announcement that was made yesterday. And we think some quarantine enforcement can go a little too far. Listen to this story about a father and daughter at the park.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 2 4-8-20

Here comes the Chloroquine. Gov. Desantis made an announcement yesterday that could be very beneficial for many people in the state. And is this creepy or necessary? You have to hear what his drone was saying while flying over NYC.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 1 4-8-20

Things are getting very interesting with the World Health Organization. Seems like Trump is hip to their game now, hear what he said. And is it possible that our death numbers are skewed after what Dr. Birx said yesterday at the press conference?

The South Florida Morning Show hr 4 4-7-20

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff, we have Tiger King news! Is there really going to be a new true crime documentary around Carole Baskin? And how did the call between Trump and Biden go? We have the details.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 3 4-7-20

Ever heard of Phoenix TV? Trump has, and he called out the reporter who was asking him a question from there. Find out why. And some signs that sports may be coming back in the next month or two. What do you think of these new schedules and ideas?