The South Florida Morning Show

The South Florida Morning Show hr 2 11-24-20

Why is Gov. Cuomo getting an Emmy? Can someone explain this? We will try to break it down for you. And what is this drummed up story about that says Trump is ready to move back to Mar-a-Lago? We have the update on that.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 1 11-24-20

The fake news machine was cranking yesterday. We’ll tell you what Trump’s move to allow the GSA to help the Biden transition team really means. And some great news about Brightline and Disney! We are excited for this.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 4 11-23-20

This was fun! We got to speak with Jane Lynch about her new Christmas album and all the fun roles she has played in the past. Take a listen. And if you think you are having a bad day, just listen to what happened to this guy. Wow…Meth, guns, and motorcycles don’t mix.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 3 11-23-20

This interview with Dr. Katz from Broward county is a must listen. Can you get covid from the vaccination shot? He answers that and many more questions about the coming vaccines. And what is happening in Oregon?! Going to jail for Thanksgiving dinner?!

The South Florida Morning Show hr 2 11-23-20

What’s the deal with Chris Christie? We’ll tell you what that turncoat had to say about the Trump team and how they are handling their lawsuits. And finally a good Florida man story! We’ll tell you about the man who saved his puppy from the jaws of an alligator!

The South Florida Morning Show hr 1 11-23-20

Wow, we didn’t see this one coming. We’ll tell you why we think Sidney Powell was thrown off the Trump legal team. And are people traveling for Thanksgiving? You might be surprised at these numbers.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 4 11-20-20

Well, this is interesting. There is going to be a US House conference on Dominion to discuss why they have denied to testify and to discuss the allegations. Hmm. And do you like this song? Maybe your dog will. Yes, it is a Christmas song for dogs that you have to hear to believe.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 3 11-20-20

“Is the country ready to hear this?” “Are we on the verge of an electoral breakdown?” We’ll tell you how Sidney Powell answered that question yesterday at the press conference. Startling. And on a lighter note, here’s how much it will cost you to buy a pair of Elvis’ pants…

The South Florida Morning Show hr 2 11-20-20

Still so much to go over from the election press conference yesterday. We’ll give you the details of the evidence that Giuliani and Sidney Powell produced. And we have a great story about how Alex Trebek saved someone’s life. We love this.

The South Florida Morning Show hr 1 11-20-20

The Kraken has been released! Wow, lots to unpack from the Trump lawyer team press conference yesterday. We’ll break down the corruption for you. And will Santa be around this year for all the little kids? We have some good news there.