The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-31-19 Hr 1

We give thanks to the troops that gave their lives for us What was Mueller really trying to do with that press conference. Joyce loves AG Barr. Why is Netflix and Disney boycotting abortion laws but go to countries to film with abortion laws and worst.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-31-19 Hr 2

Jeannine Schloss Southeast Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Finals and what great ideas the students have developed. Dr. Neil Jacob acting director of NOAA its hurricane season are you prepared?

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-30-19 Hr 1

Mueller is an ass and why aren’t Republicans asking him questions. Jennifer Braceras is Closely watching the opioid cases against manufacturers that starts today.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-28-19 Hr 1

Joyce enjoyed her weekend, and her dinner with Ann Coulter, but she doesn’t like it when a tuesday feels like a monday! Jessica Vaughan also drops in to discuss the migrant situation.