The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 8-30-19 Hr 1

Do not take this hurricane lightly we also remember the troops and Space Command is launched. Raheel Raza is constantly tracked, constantly sued for speaking out against radicals muslims.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 8-29-19 Hr 1

Hurricane Dorian is coming lets prepare together. Judge Jeanine Pirro calls in about her new book “Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge: The Left’s Plot to Remake America”.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 8-29-19 Hr 2

John Malcolm on the First Step Back bill “A Bill to Give Former Inmates a Second Chance.” Comey needs to apologize to us not the other way around.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 8-28-19 Hr 2

Dan Kish from the IER a energy expert California has banned the use of natural gas in new residential buildings. Alot, of people are retiring from the house and senate should you be worried. Joyce breaks down the Ilhan Omar mess.