The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-16-19 Hr 2

Carrie Severino discusses Steve Menashi and the latest reports on Kavanaugh. Joyce wonders why parents put there child in drag on social media.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-16-19 Hr 3

Andy Pollacks book opens ups some eyes but the left ambition on taking guns away is just crazy. John York from the Heritage foundation breaks down the issues with what the left is pushing and what they are doing in the media.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-13-19 Hr 1

Joyce is back from California with stories and more. Joyce notices that democrats are getting upset that the Democrats running are making everyone who supports Trump or has a difference in opinion are racist.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-13-19 Hr 2

Joyce has a grandma story from California. Andy Pollack calls in on his emotional book “Why Meadow Died”. Chance SWRMC on his Tig fundraiser.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-4-19 Hr 2

The squad is bailing out who now? Christine Blasey Ford only remember the accusations after meeting with democrat lawyers. Ilhan husband is filing a divorce will the truth come to light?

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-3-19 Hr 1

Recaps of Hurricane Dorian or the apparent lack-thereof. Joyce has a mild hollywood rant and then shares a story from her past about diving.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-3-19 Hr 2

Lieutenant Governor Nuñez drops by to discuss Dorian and the Bahamas situation. Joyce Laments the imminent encroaching loss of rock and roll legends.