The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-11-19 Hr 1

The far left is going to far with political correctness is becoming a cancer. There are somethings more important than work in life and that she doesn’t need to be at every event.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-11-19 Hr 2

Marc Lotter Strategic Communications Director for Trump 2020 discusses the dysfunction of the left and how Trump has rewritten what is a red or blue states. What is AOC talking about giving raises to congress because of lobbyist.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-4-19 Hr 1

Joyce has some exciting news. Mistreatment of transgenders in illegal immigrants camps but how is the treatment any different from when Obama was in office?

The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-3-19 Hr 1

Joyce has decided that talk radio is a big neighborhood and your part of it. Donald Trump isn’t what’s wrong with this country its democrats that throw milkshakes because they disagree. Joyce has intellectual crush on Bill Barr.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-3-19 Hr 3

Changing the gun laws wouldn’t of changed anything in the recent shooting in Virginia Beach. Joel Griffith from the Heritage Foundation on socialist lawmakers’ proposed cap on credit card interest is a tax on poor people.