The Joyce Kaufman Show

Joyce’s Thought of the Day 11/23/2020

Today is Monday! Joyce talks about Sydney Powell and the Trump team distancing themselves from her. She talks about how we really need to do our own research because much of what we are being told is not the full story. A pandemic does not give state leaders unlimited power. Joyce talks more about The […]

Joyce’s Thought of the Day 11/23/20

The Georgia Senate race is the key to a balanced government and whether or not the Trump team can prove election fraud, there should never be any question about election security.

Joyce with Derek from TMZ 11/20/20

Will Dolly bare all in an upcoming Playboy shoot and how’s that governor working out for California? Joyce and Derek Kaufman talk about this and more!

The Joyce Kaufman Show 11/20/20

Today is Friday! Joyce talks about freedom and bravery. In order to have freedom, you must be brave. She also comes Gov. Ron DeSantis to Gov. Gavin Newsome on COVID and the economy. Trump supporter Steve Hoffman, calls into the show to talks about hosting rallies, demanding answers, and those responsible for corruption accountable for […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 11/19/20

Today is Thursday! Joyce talks about how the incoming administration is one of the oldest administrations to take power yet they claim to understand what the younger generation wants. Republicans may not have won the presidency but they won many of the down ballots elections and gained much of the state governments and the redistricting […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 11/18/20

Today is Wednesday. Joyce talks about election fraud in Georgia. The left knows how to commit crimes and get away with it. People are so concerned with their image but not about the truth. Joyce talks about social media giants. Finally, Joyce talks to Zack Smith from the Heritage foundation about Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision […]