The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-18-2020

Today is Friday! Joyce talks about the move to honor constitution week. She talks about the curriculum being taught in schools which is leading to the chaos we have been seeing in the streets. Tech writer for Breitbart, Allum Bokhari joins the show to talk about his book ” #Deleted: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-17-2020

Today is Thursday! Joyce talks about the DA’s and how they are anti-police. Daylight savings time. Laura Trump calls in to the show to about how many people actually come out to Trump rallies compared to those who come out to Biden rallies. Today is Constitution Day! Joyce talks to White House corespondent Fred Lucas […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-16-2020

We are living in an Orwellian society. No one can have a conversation with one another anymore. Joyce talks about all of the things have changed after Donald Trump became president. Yesterday we witnessed history in regards to Middle East policy and yet the media could only talk about who was not wearing a mask. […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-15-2020

Today is Tuesday! Joyce talks about what black academic thinkers are saying about the BLM. She talks about living conditions in Los Angeles due to elected officials. Joyce also talks about Biden and Harris visiting Florida in an attempt to get Spanish votes. Dan Stein for FAIR also calls into the show to talk about […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-14-2020

Today is Monday! Joyce talks about an article that compares police brutality to those who are going after the police. Hatred for the President and the US. Sadly are becoming one in the same. If those who are handling the polls make you feel judged, why would you tell them the truth about who you […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-11-2020

Today is Friday! Joyce reflects on the 9/11 terrorist attacks and how the country came together after such a tragedy. Could that have been the last moment of national unity in the face of tragedy? Sports used to be an escape from reality and now its all about politics. Finally Derek from TMZ calls in […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-10-2020

Today is Thursday! Joyce talks about receiving unwarranted voters registrations in the mail. Is this the start of ballot harvesting? If there is an opportunity to cheat the democrats would do it. Jake Tapper got caught in a lie about telling a candidate to run in a different district. As usual, the cover up was […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-9-2020

Joyce talks about the NFL decision to allow players to kneel and how the issue of racism has taken over society. Joyce also talks about cancel culture. Mark Kirkorian of CIS Nat’l Review talks about the diversity lottery and how a judge ruled the winners have to get their work visas processed now so that […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-8-2020

Today is Tuesday! Hope you had a great Labor Day! Joyce talks about the new ways the democrats are coming after President Trump as well as mail-in voting and the possibility of violence after the election. Mark Smith author of “First they Came for the Gun Owners,” calls into the show to talk about gun […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 9-4-2020

Today is Friday! Joyce talks about an article that accuses the president of making anti-military remarks. Is this anonymous media sources thing ever going to end? Systemic racism no longer exist in America despite athletes and celebrities still trying to push that agenda. Joyce talks about the Hispanic vote and how Hispanics seem to prefer […]