The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 7-8-2020

Today is Wednesday! Joyce talks about how some in Congress are calling for the destruction of America. Sports franchises are bending to pressure instead of standing up for what they believe in. Schools are reopening in August but the idea is facing backlash. Ideals are becoming more totalitarian especially on the left. Finally Joyce talks […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 7-7-2020

Today is Tuesday! Joyce talks about the state of the economy and the confusing rules for different counties regarding the coronavirus. The republican party is just as guilty as the democratic party for the state that we are in because they are sitting back and allowing the democratic agenda to happen. Immigrants are crossing over […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 7-6-2020

Today is Monday! Joyce talks about the dangers of the “Woke” movement. She talks about Donald Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore. The media has an agenda and it’s to get Donald Trump out of office. She also talks to Richard Denapoli about what his political opponent said about him on her show on Friday.


Today we talk about children and their future in schools and how “Home Schooling” is not really for every family. According to a new “Poll” 1 out of 5 Americans believe “Joe Biden” has “Dementia”! We also talk to “Andrew Brett” who wants to be a comity man in “Broward County” for the Republican Party!

The Joyce Kaufman Show 7-1-2020

Today is Wednesday! Joyce talks about the lack of Independence we’ll have this independence Day. We elected the politicians to represent us yet they refuse to stand up for us. Joyce talks about the anger the public is feeling being fueled by the media. Finally she talks to Senor Tech Correspondent for Breitbart, Alum Bokhair […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-30-2020

Today we talk about a couple in St. Louis that was on their own property protecting their home and how the “Media” are making them out to be a “Racist Couple”! Also We talk to “Carrie Severino” from the “Judicial Crisis Network” on 200 Judge Milestone.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-29-2020

Today is Monday! Joyce talks to Andrew Bostom about Herd Immunity and the coronavirus numbers in Palm Beach County. She talks about Donald Trump’s retweet of a protest where a frustrated older man screamed “white power.” Joyce also talks about the “Defund the Police” movement ran by three Commission members who have their own security.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-26-2020

Today is Friday! Joyce talks about the rewriting of history. From many we became one. We were proud of each other and grew together. We constantly strive to undo the past wrongs but we did not rewrite history. She also talks about the statistics of people who are rioting. The numbers will surprise you. Joyce […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-25-2020

Today is Thursday! Joyce talks to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao about public health, public service, and public transportation for essential personnel and businesses. She also talks to the winner of the Latina Pioneer 2020 title Rita Barreto Craig! Should Joyce interview John Bolton? You weighed in and Joyce has made a decision.