The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 4-3-20

This crisis is forcing us to reevaluate our priorities. Your local grocery store has become the new hangout, and Joyce talks about Henry Kissinger and what he calls the “new world order.”

The Joyce Kaufman Show 4-3-20

It’s Friday! Joyce talks about the latest developments in regards to the coronavirus, she talks to Gretchen Smith about how homeless veterans all over the world are being affected by the virus, and of course we can’t forget Derek from TMZ. He tells us about the latest going on in Hollywood. Spoiler alert, the coronavirus […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 4-2-20

Joyce talks about the cruise ships anchored off of our coast waiting to bring sick people ashore, why some people are fearful of Andrew Gragram’s involvement in coronavirus aid after quoted a passage from the Bible that is seen as anti-gay, and communist China has been lying to the world!

The Joyce Kaufman Show 4-1-20

Joyce talks about her conversation with Seema Verma, The Administrator for CMS. Certain news broadcast have decided not to carry the president’s daily briefings on the coronavirus. When all of this is over, we are going to be different.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 3-30-20

The president announced that the country will remain under lockdown for another 30 days. Joyce gives some hopeful news and what to expect during the lockdown.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 3-23-20

Joyce talks about the economic shut down due to the coronavirus. If the shutdown goes on too long then we will be hurting ourselves and future generations. The money the government promised households is turning out to be a huge fiasco. The poorer you are, the smaller your check. Joyce also talks to the Director […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 3-20-20

Joyce gives an update on the coronavirus and what health officials and the president are now advising. She also talks to Jessica Vaughn with the Heritage Foundation about the refugee resettlement program and how even in a time like this, government officials are still bringing refugees into the country. Joyce also talks to Derrick from […]

The Joyce Kaufman Show 3-19-20

Today on the show, Joyce discusses more on the novel coronavirus. James Carafagno from the Heritage Foundation joins Joyce on the show, and Lawrence Levy talks about the IRS delaying the deadline to file.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 3-18-20

Today on the show Joyce talks more about the coronavirus, President Trump’s press conference, and her thoughts on journalists who are responsible for releasing information about the pandemic.