The Joyce Kaufman Show

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-20-19 Hr 1

Joyce doesn’t understand how people get so emotionally tied to shows. Was there a 5th FISA off the dossier? Students walk out of a speech from pence.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-20-19 Hr 2

The President continues to receive attacks but it won’t do anything Joyce makes a prediction for the left. The shipment of Illegals to South Florida wasn’t the President’s decision.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-20-19 Hr 3

Some of the left position on abortion is crazy. AOC comments on Moorehouse donations are odd. Keisha Russell of First Liberty seeking documents from TX city trying to ban Chick-fil-A.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-17-19 Hr 3

Lathan Watts ‘VP Pence is right about threats to our religious liberty — What should we do? Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA on the youth growth in Florida and more. Derek from TMZ catches us up on gossip.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-16-19 Hr 1

Joe Kaufman on CAIR operative Rasha Mubarak getting Dem leadership position, Rabid anti-Semitism from FB manager of Nezar Hamze’s new group.