Full Rigor

Episode 27: Ted Bundy’s Women, Victims and Flames

America’s most notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy, ended his murder spree in Florida, but left a trail of women alive and dead  in his wake across America.   Why did he snap?  It was one flame who dumped him who sparked his violent rampage.

Episode 25: Accused Face-eating Double Murder FSU Frat Boy Head to Trial

The double murder trial of Austin Harrouff is set to begin November 4th in Martin County. The FSU frat is accused of attacking a Tequesta couple in their garage, beating and stabbing them to death. When police arrived they found him eating the face of the male victim. Was the trigger, drugs or insanity? You […]

Episode 22: Who Really Kidnapped and Decapitated Adam Walsh?

Hollywood police took three decades to reveal the true killer of Adam Walsh, the son of “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh. Blood evidence on carpet from the back of a car where Adam was decapitated was lost along with the car itself. But finally the killer was identified as Ottis Toole, a mentally challenged […]

Episode 20: “Deranged Deputy Rapes, Hangs Victims From Devil Tree”

Gerard Schaefer obtained his victims easily, as he was a Martin County deputy who tied a noose around the necks of his young female victims and hung them from the “Devil Tree.”  He also bound and raped them.  If they weren’t dead yet, he shot them with a .22 weapon.  While in prison for his […]