Full Rigor

Episode 67: Reheated Leftover Cold Cases

A 50 year-old cold case involving the murder of a young mother is solved when DNA matches a Florida homeless man.  Also a spree of cold case killings known as the “Flat Tire Murders” from the 70’s in South Florida that have never been solved. Young women were found murdered and raped in or near […]

Episode 66: Frostproof Triple Murder and Sheriff Shuffle

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd has arrested two brothers, and a girlfriend, in the triple homicide that occurred in Frostproof, Florida on July 17, 2020. Sheriff Judd explains what sparked the massacre of three fishermen by a man he calls “pure evil in the flesh.” Plus, the sheriff shuffle in Broward County. The old sheriff […]

Episode 65: Kirk Douglas Billie Kills his Kids and Judges Gone Wild

Another case of parricide, this time the Native American father of two boys is convicted of second degree murder after driving their mother’s SUV into a South Florida canal while they were strapped in the back seat. Did he know the boys were in the vehicle when they drowned? Also, Broward County has a history […]

Episode 64: The Tragic Death of Arthur Teele

Hours after an alternative newspaper published lurid tales of sex and corruption in 2005, former Miami City Commissioner Arthur Teele Jr. walked into the lobby of The Miami Herald, put a semi-automatic pistol to the right side of his head and pulled the trigger.

Episode 62: Tricky Dick’s Key Biscayne Escapades

Richard Nixon and his best friend, Cuban banker Bebe Rabozo, used to live large on Key Biscayne during the rise and fall of his presidency. Rabozo advised Nixon through it all and lived next door to his Winter White House in Miami.

Episode 61: Oh the Shark has Pretty Teeth Dear

Florida leads the nation in shark attacks and with the Fourth of July weekend approaching, find out the best way to avoid becoming a bloody mess at the beach. An expert explains how to avoid becoming shark bait.

Episode 60: The Accuser, Cheryl Araujo’s story hits Netflix

The trials of Cheryl Araujo’s rapists were the first to be televised and became international news. I wrote a true crime book, “The Accuser,” about it and now, the story has been re-examined in Netflix’s true crime anthology Trial By Media. Here’s what they got right and wrong.

Episode 59: Triple Murder or West Palm Beach Parricide?

Episode 59: Triple Murder or West Palm Beach Parricide? A new perspective on a triple murder-suicide in West Palm Beach from a former boyfriend of a mother who killed her two teenage children and herself…or did she? Police say Jennifer Berman committed the parricide in January of 2014 after a messy divorce but her lover […]

Episode 58: Wicked Killer Terrorist, Mother Nature

Living in South Florida, every June begins the season for deadly terror attacks from Mother Nature, the Atlantic Hurricane season. Full Rigor investigates one of the most savage attacks, Hurricane Andrew.