Full Rigor

Episode 39: FHP vs FBI

The Florida Highway Patrol was accused of a racist cover-up in the investigation of a wrong-way fatal crash in Broward County involving an FBI agent. Ex-FBI Special Agent David Farrall’s white jury cleared him of felony DUI vehicular homicide and manslaughter charges carrying a possible 30-year sentence.

Episode 38: Florida Fake Doctors Love and Toxic Tush

On this episode we look at the people who got duped by two people who pretended to be a doctor and practiced medicine without a license. In the case of the toxic tush doctor, she injected cement and fix-a–flat into one woman’s butt and she died. Teenager Dr. Love pretended to be a doctor and […]

Episode 37: Miami Murder Mystery: The Italian Amanda Knox

1998 murder of Dale Pike is a true South Florida murder mystery.   Italian Enrico Forti says he’s an innocent man wrongly convicted and has spent the last 20 years in a South Florida prison…many say his case is like a reverse- engineered Amanda Knox case. 

Episode 34: Klan Khristmas Killings

In 1951, Harry T. and Harriette Moore were murdered on Christmas Day (their silver anniversary) when a bomb, set by the Klan, blew up their home in Mims, Florida. Harriette Moore was a classroom teacher and both were civil rights activists. Also the Klan marches down Worth Ave. on Palm Beach.

Episode 33: The Trayvon Hoax, Is Diamond a Fake witness?

A Hollywood directors claims that the prosecution and the defense in the second degree murder trial of George Zimmerman actually put a fake witness named “Diamond” on the stand to say she was on the phone with Trayvon Martin when he was shot and killed by the neighborhood watch volunteer.

Episode 32: Square Grouper Murders and the Monstrous Coconut Crab

This episode Karen and Jen ask the question, what do you do if you hook a brick of cocaine while fishing off the coast of Florida? Fishermen catch “square groupers” all the time and some turn it in, others try to cash in. Unfortunately the latter can be deadly especially for a couple in the […]

Episode 30: Is Your Boyfriend a Serial Killer?

Find out all the red flags and indicators that your boyfriend, husband, neighbor or co-worker may be a serial killer. Karen and Lexi also delve into the disturbing warning signs your child may become a psychopath.