Full Rigor

Episode 12 Delray Beach Babysitter Slaughter

In this episode, Karen and Jen relive the terrifying last moments of a 14-year-old babysitter in Delray Beach who was stabbed and raped by an intruder while the children slept in the other room. And they try to figure out why the perpetrator is still alive, sitting on death row after thirty years.

Episode 11: A Mother’s Hell, Raped in Front of her Kids

Julie Weil is a south Florida rape survivor. She was carjacked with her two toddlers in her minivan while picking them up from a church daycare and raped in the Everglades. She was able to put her rapist behind bars and help other victims get their rape kits tested in a timely manner.

Episode 10: Boca Mall Murder Mysteries

Boca Raton Police and the FBI are still trying to find the killer who murdered a mother and daughter at the Boca Town Center Mall at Christmas in 2007. Another mother and her young son were also carjacked months earlier, but she survived the ordeal and was able to describe the suspect to police. A […]

Full Rigor Episode 9 “From Old Sparky to the Spike”

In this episode, Karen and Jen talk about the death penalty specifically in Florida. The state sanctioned murder has evolved in the sunshine state from “Old Sparky” the electric chair to lethal injection and perhaps an even more pleasant way to go. The episode also explores the pros and cons of the death penalty.

Episode 6 “A Crazy Astronaut is Trying to Murder Me”

The NASA Shuttle program based in Florida had several serious setbacks before it was shut down in 2011. In addition to the explosion of the Shuttle Challenger and the disintegration of the Shuttle Columbia upon re-entry, there was another incident that gave the program a black eye. An astronaut love triangle turned bizarre when the […]

Episode 5 “My Dentist Gave Me HIV/AIDS”

Going to the dentist is terrifying enough, without the fear of contracting a deadly illness. On this episode Karen and Jen are talking about the first person in the world to contract HIV/AIDS from a health care professional. In this case it was a University of Florida student, Kimberly Bergalis, who died two years after […]

Episode 4 “A Gator Ate My Husband”

North Florida law enforcement believed an alligator ate a Gainesville woman’s husband after he fell out of a boat duck hunting 17 years ago…then the case was cracked wide open, like a gator’s mouth, when a love triangle was revealed and the murderous lovers turned on each other.

Episode 3 “101 Ways to Get Rid of a Body”

In this episode Karen and Jen talk about how difficult it is to get rid of a body, especially the blood at a crime scene. There are numerous ways killers dispose of corpses in South Florida. The episode is not meant to give anyone ideas, it is just to educate on the issue because…death is […]