Full Rigor

Episode 55: The Devil is in the Details

Lucious Boyd, aka “Lucifer,” sits on Florida’s death row as a possible serial killer. He was convicted of the rape and murder of a Broward woman in 2002. But Boyd but is still alive because authorities believe he is behind a slew of other killings. Also, where’s Tillie Tooter?

Episode 54: Rosewood Massacre

The Rosewood Massacre was an attack on the predominantly African-American town of Rosewood, Florida, in 1923 by large groups of whites after a white woman claimed she was assaulted by a “big black man.” And today, a white father and son are under arrest for the shooting of an unarmed 25 year old black man […]

Episode 47: Quadruple Murderer claims “Self Defense”

Adam Matos killed four people in front of his four year old autistic son near Tampa. The dead included the child’s grandparents, mother and her new boyfriend. Matos told the jury he slaughtered everyone in self defense.