Full Rigor

Episode 78: JFK Jr, Kobe and Karen, Lost in the Fog

Small aircraft and fog don’t mix. Poor visibility played a role in the fatal crashes of John F. Kennedy Jr, Kobe Bryant. And Karen has lived to tell about her near death experience in the fog as a helicopter reporter in Sky 6. She also details the tragic crash of Sky 6 and death of […]

Episode 77: The Ghost of Chuck and Mrs. Muir

There are many deadly boating accidents in South Florida involving very famous people. Some of them involve wrecks, or people falling overboard. But one deadly boating mystery on the high seas claimed the life of four people during a freak perfect storm. Also, Davie Police release new cold case sketch of murder victim from the […]

Episode 76: Mummy and Baby in a Drum

When a mummy with a fetus inside her is found inside a barrel stashed under the stairs of a New York home, detectives uncover the identity of a beautiful immigrant who vanished three decades before…and the murder mystery leads them all the way to South Florida.

Episode 75: Deltona Xbox Massacre and 911 Face-Off

The Deltona massacre, commonly known as the Xbox murders, took place 16 years ago in August and it is considered the worst mass murder in Volusia County history. Also, another crazy Florida 911 call about a “shooting.”

Episode 74: The Bad Boy of the Bar and Lobster Boy

Notorious Miami criminal defense attorney, Ellis Rubin, came up with some pretty wild defenses to get his underdog clients off. But, ultimately, he served time behind bars to defend truth in the courtroom. Plus, Lobster Boy vs. Blockhead.

Episode 73: The Cop, the Nympho, and the Politician

In 1991 the wife of a Broward Sheriff’s deputy fell into a funk and was prescribed an antidepressant she says turned her into a nymphomaniac. Her husband, Jeff Willets, couldn’t keep up with his wife Kathy so he recruited a lot of other rich and powerful men to service her. The couple were finally arrested […]

Episode 72: SoBe Pool Boy Brings Evangelist to his knees

A South Beach pool boy pulls back the covers on a sordid alleged love triangle with televangelist Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife Becki. The Full Rigor details are almost too juicy to believe. Plus, a Treasure Coast double murder solved and the latest on Cool Cat or Killer Kitten Carole Baskin.

Episode 71: Long lost DNA Sample Exonerates Another Florida Inmate

Wrongly convicted Florida rape and murder suspect, 55 year-old Robert Duboise, spent 37 years behind bars at one point facing the death penalty. He has just been exonerated by DNA evidence he was told was lost forever. Finally, something good happened in 2020!! Plus an update on Cool Cat or Killer Kitten Carole Baskin

Episode 70: The Mysterious Disappearance of Tiffany Sessions

Tiffany Sessions went missing in 1989 when she was a junior at the University of Florida. She simply vanished and no evidence of Tiffany has never been found by the police or the FBI . However, her possible killer has been identified. Also, the body of a woman is found dumped on the side of […]

Episode 69: Pulse Nightclub Massacre

The slaughter of 49 people at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub in June of 2016 is the deadliest terrorist attack in the U.S. since the September 11 attacks in 2001. Hear terrifying accounts of the three hour rampage from surviving victims.