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Shooting suspect behind bars after officer notices woman mouth “help me” during traffic stop

North Myrtle Beach Police
North Myrtle Beach Police

North Myrtle Beach, SC– A North Myrtle Beach Police officer is being commended for her attention to detail after she noticed a woman’s silent cries for help that led to the arrest of a shooting suspect.
Authorities say Officer Wallace was patrolling US Hwy 17 in North Myrtle Beach on May 28th when she noticed a white Jeep disregard a red light at an intersection and conducted a traffic stop.
During the traffic stop, Officer Wallace noticed that the female driver repeatedly mouthed the words “help me,” to the officer when the male passenger was not looking.
Officer Wallance then took the passenger out of the vehicle and placed him in the back of her squad car so she could speak to the woman.
The woman advised Officer Wallance that the man had just shot someone.
Moments later, a “Be On the Look Out” for the vehicle sounded over the radio.
The Police Department commended Officer Wallace for being vigilant and for doing her job even with only 30 minutes left in her shift.