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Shocking video show massive alligator eating 6ft gator

(AP Photo/J Pat Carter)

The son of a homeowner of Horry County, South Carolina, is going viral after sharing a video showing a massive alligator consuming another alligator. Taylor Soper posted the video to Twitter on September 30th and has gotten over 40 thousand likes and 10 thousand retweets. Soper says his father who does not have a social media account, saw the massive alligator with another alligator in it’s mouth and began recording the incident. Video shows what was said to be a 6-foot alligator inside the jaws of an even larger alligator. The larger alligator then chomps down on the smaller alligator ultimately devouring it.

According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, this is a common occurrence in the wild as alligators are known to prey on anything including each other. Alligators often fight to eat, court, and protect their territory.