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Sheriff: Atlanta Spa Shooter has “sex addiction issues”

APTOPIX Massage Parlor-Shootings
This booking photo provided by the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office shows Robert Aaron Long on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. Long was arrested as a suspect in the fatal shootings of multiple people at three Atlanta-area massage parlors, most of them women of Asian descent, authorities said. (Crisp County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

The 21 year old suspect in Tuesday’s mass shooting in Atlanta is due in court today. Robert Aaron Long is facing eight counts of murder for the shooting spree at three Atlanta-area spas.
Long confessed that he pulled the trigger, saying he had recently been treated for a “sexual addiction.” Apparently, Long underwent rehab for sex addiction and was racked with guilt about his sexual urges, according to two people who lived with him in transitional housing. Also, accounts from Long’s former housemates bolster his claim that sex addiction was the motivation for his attack.
Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds agrees that has some “issues” with sexual addiction and may have frequented the spas in the past.
Sheriff on Long
Police say Long took responsibility for the deaths but that the shootings had nothing to do with race or politics. Many of the dead were Asian females and police say Long had planned to carry on his killing spree at similar businesses in Florida.

At a news conference yesterday, Captain Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office said shooting suspect Robert Aaron Long was “pretty much fed up” during the Atlanta-area shooting spree, and that he was having a “bad day.”