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Several women say they may have been victims of man who lured woman with job interview

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that after a suspect was arrested for reportedly kidnapping and raping a woman he reportedly invited to a restaurant for a job interview, dozens of other women have come forward with similar stories involving the suspect.

43-year-old Jason Minton was arrested on February 22nd after investigators found surveillance video showing him dragging the unconscious woman to his car, putting her inside, and driving off with her. Minton then returned with the woman more than an hour later and put her in the passenger seat of her vehicle where her parents found her unconscious.

Man accused of raping woman he lured with job offer

The woman told investigators that Minton overheard her talking to a co-worker about needing a higher paying job. That’s when Minton told her that his company was looking for a secretary and was willing to pay $35 an hour. He then scheduled an interview with her for another day.

During the interview, Minton reportedly order a glass of wine for both of them and offered the victim shots.

The victim told the police that the last thing she remembered was replying to a text message from a friend who was asking where she was.  She then woke up in pain hours later at her mother’s house.

In addition to that, the victim says she believes Minton then erased his phone number from her phone and all of their text messages and phone calls they exchanged.

Minton is now facing sexual battery and kidnapping charges but may soon face new charges.

Authorities are currently interviewing several women who have come forward with similar stories involving him.

Minton’s attorney says he’s client maintains that he is innocent.