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Several South Florida hospitals report less than 7% of ICU beds available

On Friday, the Florida Department of Health reported a record-shattering increase of 8,942 cases in the state.

Now, state officials are reporting several hospitals across Florida have less than 7% of Intensive Care Unit beds available.

The lack of beds is said to be due to a number of reasons including COVID-19 patients and other patients sick with other illnesses. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state had 71,000 test results come back on Friday, with a percent positive rate of over 10%.

The following hospitals are reporting the shortage in ICU beds:

  • Broward Health North
  • Broward Health Medical Center
  • Holy Cross Hospital
  • Westside Regional Hospital
  • Florida Medical Center
  • Memorial Hospital West
  • Plantation General Hospital
  • West Kendall Baptist Hospital
  • Baptist Hospital of Miami
  • Jackson Health North
  • Homestead Hospital

Health officials say they are concerned that if residents do not follow the guidelines in place, the number of COVID-19 cases will continue to rise and deaths will increase as well.

Although there is no shortage of beds, and more beds can be added they health officials say hospitals may become overwhelmed.