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Several elevator mechanics facing charges after cheating on certification exams

(AP Photo/Thein Zaw)

(MIAMI, FL)– At least eight elevator mechanics in Miami are facing charges after it was found that they paid to have someone else take their state-required certification exams.
The men were arrested on Thursday following an investigation into what is being called the “cheating scheme.”
The accused: Xael Concepcion-Vargas, Jose Cuevas-Romero, Ramon Fleitas, Marcos Garcia, Hugo Marte, Gabriel Ortiz, Jose Tirado-Blanco, and Frederick Williams, each reportedly paid between $250 to $400 to have David Valles-Gomez complete the open-book online exams.
“When someone tries to shortcut a public safety requirement or certification, they go out of their way to create an unnecessary risk,” State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said while announcing the arrest on Thursday.
All of the men face third-degree felony charges of organized schemes to defraud and criminal cheating.
Gabriel Alfonso acted as a middleman and Valles-Gomez face additional charges because of the roles they played in the scheme.