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Senate debate between Rubio and Demings spirited

(PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLA) — Republican Senator Marco Rubio took on Congresswoman Val Demings in their first debate as democrat Demings challenges the incumbent Rubio for his seat.
Rubio blamed democratic backed government spending programs for inflation.
Democrats Were Warned
Demings, a former Orlando police chief, asked Rubio how many incidents will it take before he acted on gun control.

Rubio suggested banning the purchase of assault rifles by young people won’t work in addressing mass shootings, saying the key is to identify threats and “stop them before they act.”
The two also sparred over border security.
Securing Border
Demings battered Rubio for past statements regarding abortion bans not including exceptions for rape or incest, with Rubio saying the national 15-week ban he co-sponsors does have exceptions in place.
Polls show Rubio has the lead over Demings going into next month’s election