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Sen. Rick Scott calls Biden a “liar” about the economy, calls for resignation

Rick Scott
(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

UPDATE:  Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida continues to attack President Joe Biden for his poor handling of the nation’s economy.  Last week, Senator Scott flat out called Biden a liar in reference to remarks he made on the spiraling economy.  Tuesday, Senator Scott doubled down and said if a CEO of a private company ran it into the ground like this president, he would be asked to resign.

Inflation-Biden Should Resign
says President Biden should resign over his administration’s handling of inflation. Consumer prices are rising at a 40-year high. And gas prices at a national high.
Biden responded to criticism by blaming Republicans.  Senator Scott says Biden needs to take responsibility and get a plan.
Inflation-Biden Took No Responsibility
Scott added that Biden points the blame for inflation at everybody but himself.

(Original story)

President Joe Biden held a press conference today to talk about a big economic win, in his opinion, deficit reduction.

Speaking at the White House, Biden said it’s the best way to curb soaring inflation.

He said the big Republican tax cuts in the prior Trump administration ballooned the deficit.

Former Florida Governor and current Senator Rick Scott told Fox News that “almost every sentence of Biden’s message today was a complete lie.”

Sen. Scott pointed to 8.5% inflation and a negative GDP down 1.4%.  He predicts that Biden will take the debt of the country $45 trillion with all of his spending.

Finally, Scott warns Medicare will go bankrupt in 4 years and Social Security will become insolvent in 12 years.   He accuses Biden of passing the buck as 87% of Americans are very concerned about the economy.


Listen to Sen. Rick Scott’s full statement here.