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Security guard charged after being caught on camera throwing down 15-year-old student

Police Black And White Close Up Of Silver Handcuffs

A South Florida school security guard is facing criminal charges after video shows him throwing a 15-year-old student to the ground.

Surveillance cameras captured the security guard throwing a 15-year-old student to the ground at a private school in Pompano Beach.

According to reports, the student showed up to the school without uniform which landed him in a in-school suspension. He was then asked to hand over his phone, but his headphones and phone dropped from his pocket and that’s when he was yanked out of his seat by the guard.

Video shows the guard pulling the student out of his seat, shoving him across the room and into the principal’s office. They stand face to face before the guard puts his arms around him and throws him on the floor.

The student told reports he couldn’t breathe during the altercation. Video shows the guard sitting on top of the student.

Meldonise Lane, the mother of the student, arrived a short time later to see her son in handcuffs. She watched the video and was angry.

The school’s principal Delvin King called police and Broward Sheriff’s deputies arrested the security guard, 25-year-old Alie Joseph. He is being charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery and a third charge of openly carrying a firearm.

The principal, Delvin King, said he terminated the contract with the security company immediately, and that he has asked the Broward Sheriff’s Office for a school resource officer but is waiting to hear back. Meanwhile, the mom has pulled both of her students from the school.