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School employee kidnaps girl after offering her a ride

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(AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

(EL PASO, TX)– A Texas school employee is facing several charges after he allegedly kidnapped and assaulted a student after offering her a ride.
Jeffrey Steven Clay was arrested on Nov. 10th and indicted on charges of kidnapping and transportation for illegal sexual activity, for the incident that occurred on Aug. 4, 2021.
Investigators say Clay lured a girl into his vehicle with an offer to drive her to her friend’s home in El Paso.
He instead reportedly drove the girl to his home in Anthony, New Mexico, where he tried to kiss her. The girl told authorities that she hit him in the face and that’s when he handcuffed her and took her to his bedroom.
In the bedroom, Clay allegedly “punched her in the face multiple times and sexually assaulted (her) while she remained handcuffed, crying, and repeatedly pleading with Clay to stop,” officials said.
After the assault, Clay drove the girl back toward El Paso where she jumped out of the car at a red light and ran to a nearby convenience store. The clerk at the store contacted the police.
Prosecutors say Clay held several roles in El Paso Independent School District including principal, and had a lot of access to children.
The FBI is now looking into whether there are more victims.
Clay’s court date is scheduled for Nov. 14 in New Mexico. If he is convicted he faces life in prison.