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School employee fired after gun found in her purse

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(AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

(WATKINSVILLE, GA)– A primary school employee was fired from her job after she left her purse in a restroom, and those hoping to return in found a gun.
The discovery was made at Oconee County Primary School this week.
According to the report, the non-teaching staff member accidentally left her purse in a staff restroom overnight.
The following morning, another employee discovered it and brought it to the front office.
While school officials were trying to figure out who the purse belonged to, they discovered a gun inside.
The Sheriff’s Office was then called to the scene to secure the gun and remove it from the campus.
Investigators reported that there is no reason to believe that the staff member intended to harm anyone, but she was arrested for carrying a weapon within a school safety zone.
The school district also made the decision to fire her from her job.