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School bus full of students crashes into creek

Several middle school students are recovering after their school bus plunged into a creek.

The incident occurred on Monday in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Authorities say 29 students were on the bus when it crashed through a guardrail on Bushkill Drive and rolled into a creek.

“To go through a guardrail, you have to strike that with some serious force, just to be able to get through that and through those trees,” Easton Police Sgt. Joseph Alonzo said.

One of the children on the bus reportedly opened an emergency door, allowing everyone to escape.

Nine people including the bus driver, were said to have suffered minor injuries.

Authorities are now investigating the crash using a dashcam video from a vehicle that captured the incident.

The driver of the vehicle told authorities that they noticed the bus drive onto the grassy area of the curved road before the bus turned sharply into the guard rail.