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School bus driver kidnaps middle school student

Close-Up High Section Of School Bus Against Clouds school bus

A school bus driver has been arrested after he allegedly kidnapped a 13-year-old student and confessed his love for her.
The incident occurred last week on a school bus route for Brusly Middle School.
According to the report, 33-year-old Christopher Taplin isolated the student on the bus so that he could profess his love.
After professing his love for the student, he then dropped her off to her.
Authorities say the student was the only one on the bus at the time of the incident because Taplin kept her behind.
They also reported that Taplin left a voicemail for the child’s parents telling them that he had been watching her since she first started attending middle school.
Taplin is facing charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and stalking a juvenile.
Officials say Taplin does not directly work for the West Baton Rouge School System but works with a company that provides drivers.
He has since been fired.