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School being investigated after making kids sit in 95 degree weather as punishment

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The Department of Human Services is currently investigating a claim that a middle school in Arkansas forced students to sit on the pavement in the sun as a form of punishment.
The incident occurred at Brookland Middle School sometime last week.
Officials say several students told their parents that they were forced to sit on black asphalt for 30 minutes because they were disruptive in the cafeteria.
According to the report, the temperature in the area was about 95-degrees.
Some parent’s complained that their children were tired and not themselves after the incident.
A spokesperson for Brookland Middle School released a statement saying that they are investigating the incident.
“Last week, an incident occurred where Brookland Middle School 5th grade students were instructed to sit on the pavement during recess as a punishment for being disruptive in the cafeteria. Due to the hot temperatures last week, this type of punishment was inappropriate and should not have occurred. The matter was reported to the Child Maltreatment Hotline, and DHS is now investigating. The District is also conducting its own investigation to determine how this incident happened and ensure that it does not occur in the future. Brookland School Officials apologize to the parents and students affected and want all parents to know that the safety of their students is of the utmost importance. Parents may report their concerns to the superintendent’s office.”