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‘Salty Crocky’; Giant 12-foot-alligator caught in Delray Beach

(DELRAY BEACH, FLA) — Looks like fishermen have a new catch…

Beach-goers spotted a 12-foot alligator taking a stroll along the ocean in Delray Beach Wednesday morning.

Authorities with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission responded to the rabid gator, after witnesses repeatedly called the office.

An alligator trapper arrived to the scene, captured it, and transported it to a local farm.

“It was crazy. I just rolled up to the beach doing my routine, and I saw the commotion. I thought it would be a little shark or something,” T.J. Tamaccio told WPTV. “I was trying to think where it came from. It must have been far out there but probably came from Boynton Inlet and got lost had to get to land and beach itself.”

Alligators can bask and froth in saltwater for minimal amounts of time, but freshwater is their most preferred habitat.