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Salt Life co-founder admits to killing teen at hotel

According to reports, Salt Life co-founder Michael Hutto reportedly admitted to killing his teen girlfriend Lora Grace Duncan while being questioned by police.

Police discovered Duncan’s body in Room 713 of the Singer Island Oceanfront Palm Beaches Resort on October 29th after her father contacted them to perform a welfare check on her.

Duncan’s father said he hadn’t heard from his daughter in several days and that the last time he spoke to her, she seemed out of character and he feared Hutto may have been giving her drugs to keep her sedated.

When authorities arrived to the room of the hotel, they noticed a strong odor of decomposition coming from the room. Once they opened the door, they found Duncan covered in blood with a gunshot wound to her stomach and several live rounds beside her.

Hutto was no where to be found, however, authorities said they found several of his personal belongings in the room and found that he also rented the room.

Authorities then put out an alert for Hutto’s car and where contacted by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, who reported that Hutto overdosed while at a gas station and was taken to Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville.

When officers went to the hospital to read him his rights, Hutto reportedly said “I think I hurt my Gracie,” as his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

Officers went back to the hospital the next day to continuing questioning him, however, Hutto refused to answer any more questions.

Hutto is now facing manslaughter and possession or use of weapon charges.

During a court appearance on Monday, a judge told the courts that he considers Hutto a flight risk and set Hutto’s bond at $255,000.

The judge also said that if Hutto is released he is ordered not to have any weapons or firearms, and no contact with the victim’s family.