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FDOT: Roosevelt Bridge Repairs Anticipated to Last Four Months

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The Florida Department of Transportation announced late Friday that repairs to both sides of the Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart are anticipated to take four months.

Structural Technologies LLC will be the contractor to assist the FDOT with design plans.

The cost to repair the broken tendons and corrosion will be determined once the design and scope of the work are final.

FDOT officials said the agency plans to complete the design work by the end of July and begin repairs in August.

The bridge is still closed to large trucks.

Meanwhile, the FDOT says the cause of the corrosion that was discovered last month remains under investigation.

“As far as the timeline is concerned, my main concern is safety,” says Stuart Mayor Mike Meier.

He adds FDOT officials have been in frequent communication with the City of Stuart staff about the status of the southbound bridge.

“We’re at a point right now where we have the north bridge open to four lanes of traffic where we’re doing OK, and for the most part, traffic is moving smooth; certainly we want the bridge back in full operation, but not at the expense of any risks of safety,” Meier explains.

The Roosevelt Bridge was closed to drivers on June 16, after FDOT officials conducting a regular inspection noticed a crack in the southbound bridge. They also discovered corrosion in both spans.

The northbound and southbound bridges were then closed for inspection until June 27, at which point the northbound bridge reopened to two-way traffic following minor repair work.

After restoring the bridge’s strength and allowing it to re-open to traffic, FDOT will address the corrosion and do the work to preserve the bridge.

Occasional lane closures are expected as the design and repair work continues, officials say.