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‘Romeo and Juliet’ stars sue Paramount Pictures for $500 million over notorious child nude scene

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(LOS ANGELES, CA) — The two leads of the Oscar-winning 1968 film ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Leonard Whiting, 72, and Olivia Hussey, 71, are suing Paramount Pictures for over $500 million over a nude scene they shot when the actors were 15 and 16.

Hussey and Whiting filed the suit Tuesday at the Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming they endured sexual harassment and sexual abuse from the film’s director Franco Zeffirelli, who passed in 2019.

The actors allege Zeffirelli told them they they would wear flesh-colored undergarments for the film’s infamous nude scene, but during the morning of the shoot, he insisted they only wear body makeup, claiming that the camera would be positioned in a manner to avoid showing nudity, according to the suit.

The final cut displayed shots of Whiting’s bare buttocks and Hussey’s bare breasts during the scene.

The actors claim Zeffirelli told them they must be nude or “the picture would fail” and that their careers would be damaged, the law suit affirmed.

The lawsuit accuses Paramount Pictures of filming the scene nude without prior knowledge “in violation of California and federal laws against indecency and the exploitation of children,” claiming Hussey and Whiting have suffered emotional damage decades after the film was released.