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Rod Stewart Ordered to Appear at PBC Court Hearing for Battery Case

Singer Rod Stewart has been ordered to appear in a Palm Beach County courtroom for a hearing in his battery case.

The order is tied to an alleged New Year’s Eve altercation in which Stewart, who is a part-time Palm Beach resident, and his son, Sean Stewart, are accused of simple battery on a security guard at the Breakers hotel on Palm Beach.

According to the police report, the incident happened when the security guard noticed a group of people gathered near the check-in table of a private party who were trying to gain access although they were not on the list.

The group became noisy, according to a report from two employees of the Breakers who witnessed the situation. That is when 39-year old Sean Stewart allegedly approached the security guard, who put his hand on Stewart’s chest and told him to back up.

Sean Stewart then shoved the security guard backwards before Rod Stewart punched the security guard in his “left rib cage area.”

Meanwhile, Rod Stewart pleaded not guilty on January 22. His court hearing is set for February 18 at 9 a.m.