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Riviera Beach father of seven dies after fireworks mishap

A 55-year-old Riviera Beach father of seven died was fatally injured Sunday night after lighting Fourth of July fireworks.
The victim, Charles Morris Sr. was transported to the hospital where he died from his injuries.

Police responded to the incident in the 2500 block of Canterbury South in Lone Pine Estates where they found two victims of the fireworks mishap.

Both victims were transported to a local hospital, but one man, identified as Charles Morris Sr., 55, Riviera Beach, died from his injuries.

“He was the greatest dad you could ever ask for,” said Charles Morris Jr., who still does not know exactly how his dad was killed in the accident.

His father was trying to entertain children, grandchildren and neighbors in the Lone Pine Estates subdivision in Riviera Beach.

“It’s just hard on the family, like, we’re speechless. There’s no words to express what’s going on,” Charles Morris Jr. said.