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Rivera man returns $20K after customer loses cash

A Riviera Beach man helped save a local business when he found $20,000 cash and returned it to a local business owner.

James Stratford, who is the owner of My 5 Mobile Detailing, cleaned the truck of Russell Mir who owns a few gas stations and convenience stores in the area.

When Mir dropped off his truck, Stratford told him to take everything he wants from his truck because everything else would be going in the trash.

What Russell Mir forgot was three bags full of $20,000 cash. Mir said he was going to deposit the money to pay his employees and other bills.

A few hours after James Stratford was done cleaning Russell Mir’s car, he got a phone call from Mir about the money he lost.

When Mir told Stratford it was $20K, Stratford searched several garbage cans nearby where he normally dumps trash.

One bag was found in the dumpster by Mir, and the other two were found by Stratford who told News Channel 5, “In the coronavirus, when nobody’s working, you know what that $20,000 could have did for me and my family?” said Stratford.

But Stratford did the honest thing, and returned the cash.

“You gotta plant the seeds how you want it to grow. All my life I’ve been in the streets, in and out of prison, so I’m tired of that,” said Stratford. “The new me says be honest and give it back, and that’s what I did.”

There was no money missing, and as a thank you, Stratford and his family now have one year of unlimited, soda, Slurpees or anything at Mir’s gas stations.