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Rick Scott responds back to Andrew Cuomo over bailouts: ‘People keep leaving his state’

Florida state Senator Rick Scott and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo began going back-and-forth over whether states should help bail out others due to the costly coronavirus outbreak.

On Wednesday Cuomo said that “New York state bails [Florida] out every year,”…”We bail them out every year … $29 million more every year into the federal pot that we don’t get back.” Cuomo said in which he was responding to Scott’s Wall Street Journal page entitled, “Don’t Reward States’ Bad Decisions.”

Scott then responded by saying that Cuomo does not understand the difference between federal and state policy.

On Friday Senator Rick Scott made an appearance on Fox & Friends and claimed that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo “held a grudge” against him ever since they both got elected in 2011.

Scott said “In that eight years, people kept leaving New York so, in eight years, he couldn’t grow jobs, he couldn’t balance the budget, he kept borrowing more money and he kept watching businesses keep moving.”

“Here is the deal, what people do in New York, they make some money, they pay into social security, they pay into Medicare and, guess what, they get sick and tired of all those taxes and they move to Florida and, eventually, they receive their Social Security and Medicare payments.”

Yet Cuomo claimed  New York had been bailing out southeastern states for decades. “If you want to look at who gives, we are the No. 1 giver — no one puts more money into the pot,” Cuomo continued.

Scott said that while New York state has two to three million less people than Florida, the Empire state’s budget is double the size than the Sunshine State.

Check out the interview Rick Scott did with Fox & Friends: