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Residents of Surfside North condo staying put

Rescue personnel work at the remains of the Champlain Towers South Condo in Surfside, Fla., on Friday, June 25, 2021. The seaside tower collapsed on Thursday. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

According to reports, many residents of the Champlin Towers North are choosing to remain in their homes despite the tragedy of it’s sister tower. Last Thursday Champlin Tower south experienced a partial collapse around 3:00 am when most residents were sleeping. Those connected to the infrastructure of the building report that both the north tower and the south tower were designed in the same layout, using the same materials and as the south tower though it was built one year later. Some residents say that their decision to remain in their building is due to the report that the their building does not have nearly the amount of damage that the South building did even though both buildings faced the same outside factors. Despite many residents in the north building deciding to stay, some residents of the east building which stands between the north and the south, building are concerned for their safety. Some residents have even documented damage that occurred to their building after the south tower collapse.

According to their reports, they have been told that the damage is not enough to pose a threat of “imminent danger.” 11 people have been confirmed dead while 150 people still remain missing.