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Report: NYC migrants are headed to Florida for Hurricane Ian cleanup at $15 an hour

Migrant Children
(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

(NEW YORK, NY) – Venezuelan migrants in New York City are reportedly traveling to Florida for Hurricane Ian clean-up.

The migrants told The Post they were headed to Florida in vans to work for $15 an hour, overtime, and $15 for food daily.

It is unclear who the migrants will be working for, however, one migrant said he was approached by a woman named Camila “from an organization” with a flier. Some migrants said they learned about the opportunity from a WhatsApp ad.

Most migrants said it is hard for them to find work in New York, which is why they decided to head to Florida.

A rep for FEMA told The Post on Sunday that the agency is not involved.

A spokesperson for Mayor Adams said City Hall was not involved in the transport of any migrants. Florida officials did not return requests for comment.

Texas and Florida officials have been sending thousands of migrants, who illegally cross the border before seeking asylum, to Democratic cities such as New York this year already.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received backlash after claiming Florida farmers need migrants to “pick the crops down there.”

The California Democrat made the comments on Friday during a news conference in which she discussed border security.