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Rep. Lee Zeldin’s family survives shooting outside his home that injured two teens

(LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK) — The country’s crime crisis hits close to home for New York Congressman Lee Zeldin, Republican nominee for New York governor.
Zeldin is reacting to the gang-related shooting outside his home on Long Island Sunday Sunday afternoon.
Remember, he is also a sitting congressman who was attacked by a man with a weapon while on stage in July.
Investigators say two teenage boys tried to hide under Zeldin’s front-porch after the drive-by shooting.
Zeldin’s twin teenage daughters, who were home at the time, heard the gunshots, locked themselves in a bathroom and called 911.
Congressman Zeldin was incredulous and called out New York’s systemic crime problem.
“At what point are we supposed to talk about the crime on our own streets? I’m standing in front of crime scene tape in front of my own house — you can’t get me more outraged than right now.”
One of the suspects was shot in the chest and is in critical condition. Zeldin says one bullet landed 30 feet from his daughters who were in the kitchen doing their homework.
Zeldin also criticized the bail release of the suspect charged with trying to stab him during a campaign event in July.
“Here you have somebody at a political event attempting to stab of a member of Congress and instantly released by New York State law.”
President Biden issued a statement condemning the attack.
Zeldin is running against sitting governor Kathy Hochul.