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Rep. Brian Mast Wins Re-election and Slams Presidential Election Process

There is no winner yet in the presidential race…and President Trump is not happy.
The president believes he won the election but certain states stopped counting last night.

Congressman Brian Mast, who won reelection in Florida’s District 18 Joined Jen and Bill and said…
Brian Mast goal post

President Trump has won in battleground states including Ohio, Florida, and Texas, but Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are not through counting. In addition, ballots in North Carolina and Georgia are still being counted. A watermain broke in Atlanta and nearly 40,000 absentee ballots will not be counted in Fulton County Georgia until at least Wednesday.

According to officials, a water main break at State Farm Arena caused a pipe to burst. The burst pipe was discovered around 6 a.m. Counting of the ballots began at 11 a.m.

Officials said no ballots were damaged as a result of the water main break.

The Secretary of State’s Office released the following statement:
“Tonight Fulton County will report results for approximately 86,000 absentee ballots, as well as Election Day and Early Voting results. These represent the vast majority of ballots cast within Fulton County.
As planned, Fulton County will continue to tabulate the remainder of absentee ballots over the next two days. Absentee ballot processing requires that each ballots is opened, signatures verified, and ballots scanned. This is a labor intensive process that takes longer to tabulate than other forms of voting. Fulton County did not anticipate having all absentee ballots processed on Election Day.
Fulton County is committed to ensuring that every vote is counted and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.” Biden picked up a key win by flipping Arizona.

The House picked up five democrat seats to possibly keep Nancy Pelosi in charge as Speaker, but Democrat Donna Shalala lost to Republican Maria Elvira Salazar in Miami…and Mitch McConnell will either be the Majority or Minority leader of the Senate pending the outcome of some Senate races…but it looks like Republican John James will flip the Senate seat in Michigan.

In Florida, the incumbents held on to their seats. Congressmen Alcee Hastings, Brian Mast, Ted Deutch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Lois Frankel were all re-elected by South Florida voters. Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw wins as does Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony.

Listen to the full interview with Congressman Brian Mast here.