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Rep. Brian Mast Calls for Unity, Wants Courts to Decide Vote Issues

As the legal challenges continue around the presidential election, one local politician is making his stance on the matter very clear.

Republican Congressman Brian Mast, who was re-elected in District 18 this month, told reporters this week that he is not ready to publicly refer to Joe Biden as president-elect.

However, he also made it clear that he places the country first.

As The Palm Beach Post reports, Mast said, “It doesn’t matter whether [you have a] non-party affiliation or a Republican or a Democrat, or whatever it is that you politically might label yourself, everybody deserves the most total transparency that can be given.”

To that end, he explained, “I think you have a lot going on in the courts. And the courts need to have their opportunity to go out there and make their determinations on anything going on in each state.”

Mast, who defeated Democratic Pam Keith to retain his district seat, also served as co-chair of President Trump’s campaign to win Florida in the election.

The Post adds that he went on to tell reporters, “I think we all hope for unity. I think we all look at the United States of America and say ‘Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or Mike Pence or Donald Trump or Brian Mast or anybody else, America is bigger than us as individuals.’ And that’s something I take solace in.”