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Aunt throws toddler off of pier because he “was acting up.”

A 3-year-old child is fighting for his life after his aunt pushed him off of a pier and into Lake Michigan.
The incident occurred on Monday near the 700 block of East Grand Avenue.
When authorities spoke to the aunt, she initially told them that the boy fall into the water before later telling them that she was holding him by the shirt and let him fall in because he “was acting up.”
Surveillance video, however, showed that the aunt actually pushed the child towards the edge of the pier before throwing him in the water.
A witness heard a splash and saw the child in the water, so she ran to get a floatation device while her friend called 911.
The aunt reportedly made no attempt to rescue the child or call 911.
The child was eventually pulled from the water by authorities and was taken to a hospital in “extremely critical condition.”
Authorities say the child was in cardiac arrest and was not expected to survive.
The child’s grandmother told authorities that the child’s mother dropped the child off to her home for the day and while she went upstairs to change the aunt left the home with the child.
According to the report, the child’s aunt took him to the pier so that he could go on rides.
She has been arrested on attempted murder and aggrevated battery charges.