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Publix security guard charged after store shooting in Hollywood


A Publix security guard has been charged with manslaughter after shooting a man inside of the store.
The incident was reported at the Publix at 1740 Polk St., just off of Hollywood’s Young Circle.
Investigators say they received a call on June 10th around 10:00 p.m. about a security guard shooting a person in the store.
When authorities arrived they transported the victim to Memorial Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Witnesses told authorities that 44-year-old Andre Constantine Grey got into an altercation with the victim just before the shooting.
It was not said what the altercation was about, but investigators say Grey and the victim knew each other.
Grey cooperated at the scene and was released.
Authorities then issued a warrant for his arrest.
Grey turned himself in on Saturday and is now being held on a $100,000 bond.