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“Publix Employee” Told To Remove ‘Black Lives Matter’ Face Mask By Manager

A Florida man quit his job at Publix over the supermarket chain’s policy barring non-company messaging on face coverings, including those supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, according to reports.

Quinton Desamours, 18, walked off his job at a Publix on Lee Boulevard in Lehigh Acres after being told by an assistant manager on June 6 that his surgical mask with “BLM” scrawled on it wasn’t appropriate, he told the Fort Myers News-Press.

“He told me that I was endangering myself and everybody else who worked there,” Desamours told the newspaper. “Then he said he couldn’t have me out on the floor with that mask on.”

One day earlier, Desamours, who worked at the Publix for less than two months, had attended a rally against police brutality in Fort Myers, where he was so moved that he cried, he told the Tampa Bay Times.