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Protests Prompt State Officials to Consider Changing “Stand Your Ground” Law

The matter of owning and using a gun in Florida could soon take on a different meaning.

That’s because Gov. Ron DeSantis is proposing a revision of the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law, based on recent statewide and national issues.

According to reports from The Miami Herald and WPEC-TV, the governor announced this week that he wants to include what is being called “anti-mob” legislation.

Primarily, that entails allowing individuals with guns the right to legally and fatally shoot those they suspect of burglarizing or looting businesses.

A draft of the law, which is under review by the House Judiciary Committee, officially defines looting as a burglary that takes place within 500 feet of a protest.

DeSantis’ request to change the law comes several months after protests erupted in Florida and around the country regarding the issue of racial equality.