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Protective Masks Mandatory on Miami Beach

The country is gearing up for a peak week in coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths in U.S. hotspots like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Detroit. Other areas of the country like South Florida are peaking later. Miami is by far the epicenter of the coronavirus in Florida. The Florida Department of Health’s latest numbers show the city has almost 2500 cases, which is about four times more than Hollywood, which has the second-most cases in the state with over 600. Effective tomorrow, wearing some kind of mask or face covering will not just be encouraged, it will be a requirement be mandatory on Miami Beach. You must wear face protection if you’re heading out to the pharmacy or the grocery store.

As for counties, Miami-Dade has the most cases with over 41-hundred, while Broward has almost 19-hundred, and Palm Beach has a thousand. Palm Beach County, however, leads Florida in the number of deaths from COVID-19. The Florida Department of Health yesterday announced 26 more deaths, including 14 in Palm Beach, which brings its state-high total to 49. Broward County had eight more deaths, which brings its total to 40. The state’s death total to 221.