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Prime Minister Boris Johnson ends mask and vaccine requirements in England

Boris Johnson
FILE This Saturday, May 3, 2008 file photo shows London Mayor-elect Boris Johnson speaking after signing the declaration of acceptance as Mayor of London at London’s City Hall. Analysts say it’s an Olympic tussle, an election battle to win control of London’s City Hall just weeks before thousands of athletes and spectators arrive in Britain’s capital for the Summer Games. But local elections being held Thursday May 3, 2012 across Britain, including a vote for London’s mayor, could have more far reaching repercussions _ catapulting Boris Johnson, the capital’s famously outspoken, but well liked leader, on a path to national power.(AP Photo/Akira Suemori, File)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has scrapped his Covid-19 Plan B in England, no longer requiring face masks in school or working from home, signaling the beginning of the end of coronavirus.

Johnson also ended the use of Covid-19 passports.

Boris Johnson’s announcement followed a “welcome decrease” in the number of coronavirus infections throughout the UK.
“The numbers in intensive care not only remain low but are actually also falling.”

England will go to “Plan A”, on January 26th and the PM told the House of Commons that soon, self-isolation rules for people who test positive will be scrapped as well.
Will President Biden follow suit in the US? The president will speak today and take questions from the press about the COVID surge on this one year anniversary of his presidency.
Watch the press conference here.