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President Trump to Pardon “Corn” or “Cob”

It’s that time of year for another presidential turkey pardon.
This year, the candidates are Corn and Cob…two broad-breasted white turkeys, bred and fed for size, raised by a turkey farmer in Iowa and brought to Washington for a stay at the glitzy Willard InterContinental Hotel before the big decision.

President Trump will be doing the honors in the Rose Garden today. One bird will serve as the official Thanksgiving Turkey and the other will serve as an alternate. Following the ceremony, the birds will live out the rest of their days at Iowa State University.

FLASHBACK: In 2018, President Trump attacked “Carrots” the turkey for refusing to concede he had lost the vote on the White House turkey pardon contest to “Peas.”
Carrots refuses to concede

“This was a fair election… unfortunately, Carrots refused to concede and demanded a recount.” President Trump quipped.