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President Trump Puts VP Pence in Charge of COVID-19 Outbreak

UPDATE: President Trump addressed the nation about the coronavirus outbreak saying that his administration’s early decision to ban flights from China have helped to curb the spread of the virus to the United States. The president also tapped the Vice President, Mike Pence to head the team of experts he has assembled to combat the spread of the virus in the US. The president flatly disagreed with the CDC’s opinion that further spread of the virus in the United States was “inevitable.” He said “it may spread but it may not.” President Trump also put the crisis into context by pointing out that they were only 15 cases of COVID 19 in the United States and the majority of those patients have recovered and will be taken off that list soon. This number is not counting those Americans who contracted the virus on a cruise ship and who have been quarantined in the United States. President Trump asked Congress for $2.5 billion to fight the virus and Congress is suggesting that at least $4 to $8 billion is needed. The president said he’ll take the money and he will use it wisely. He stressed the importance of handwashing and avoiding people who are coughing and sneezing. He also said it’s important to stay home if you are sick. President Trump addressed the stock market plunge and suggested that the decline was a result of both the spread of the coronavirus and the reaction of the American people to the chaotic democrat presidential debates and the socialist rhetoric of the candidates on the stage. President Trump said he will likely win the election in a landslide and the stock market will skyrocket when he does. Original report: President Trump, who is not happy with the CDC, is planning to address the nation about the coronavirus outbreak at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time.

President Trump announced on Twitter that he will speak about Coronavirus here at the White House – 6pm Eastern Time. He says he will be joined by officials from the CDC and he is reportedly considering the appointment a coronavirus czar. Politico says the appointee would coordinate the U.S. government response to the growing global threat. However, the White House is denying any consideration of appointing a COVID-19 Czar. The President also on Twitter accuses cable news networks and Democrats of exaggerating the severity of coronavirus and causing panic in the stock market.

However, a CDC official yesterday warned Americans to prepare for an outbreak of COVID-19 here, saying it wasn’t a question of if, but when. The World Health Organization says nearly 81-thousand people have been infected with coronavirus across the globe with 57 confirmed cases in the US. Stock futures are mixed ahead of the opening bell as fears of the spreading coronavirus continue to rise. The Dow, S&P 500, and the Nasdaq are floating up and down by the minute, generally staying close to unchanged. The markets took another huge beating yesterday as the Dow dropped nearly 900 points. Health officials in Los Angeles County are working to confirm reports that a Korean Air flight attendant was diagnosed with coronavirus shortly after flying into L.A.X.