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President Trump Announces Historic Peace Agreement Between Israel and UAE

(Washington, DC) — President Trump is touting a peace agreement between Israel and United Arab Emirates.  The agreement known as the “Abraham Accords” is the first middle east peace deal to be reached in 25 years.   


On Twitter, Trump called the agreement “between our two great friends” a “huge breakthrough.”

Speaking in the Oval Office, Trump told reporters that the two countries will exchange embassies and ambassadors and “begin cooperation across the board.” He said he expected other countries to follow the UAE’s lead on this going forward. Trump added that “we are already discussing this with other nations,” noting that other agreements will probably be cemented in the near future.

Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer wrote on Twitter that this is “a great day for peace!” The announcement makes the UAE the first Gulf Arab state to establish full diplomatic ties with Israel. The UAE becomes only the third Arab country to recognize Israel’s existence, the other two are Egypt and Jordan who share a border with Israel.