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President-Elect Biden Plans For Nationwide Mask Mandate

One of Joe Biden’s first priorities as president-elect will be implementing a nationwide mask mandate by working with governors.
If they refuse, he will go to mayors and county leaders.

Democrats say Republican leaders need to put the pressure on governors in Middle America to get their residents to wear a mask because it will save lives.
However, masks are not like seatbelts which can be mandated because the driver is utilizing Federal, state and local roadways. It will be interesting to see if a mask mandate is legal.
Trump administration officials say it is for that legal reason that the president has not demanded everyone wear a mask.

But, in a pandemic, governments have the authority to do a lot of things that would otherwise be questionable.

Think of it like this: The government has the right to ban smoking in public places because your smoking can affect my health. And some places have signs that say, “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” Just add “no mask” to the sign.

However, there are exceptions. If you cannot wear a mask for health reasons or if you are in a “protected class,” then you might get a mask pass.