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President Biden to visit Surfside Condo Collapse site Thursday

Building Collapse Miami
(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden will visit the site of the deadly South Florida condo collapse on Thursday.
Monday, his press secretary said he was hesitant to visit the site of the tragedy for fear his presence and motorcade would be a distraction and impediment to the search and rescue effort.
Tuesday, however, the White House put out a statement confirming both the President and First Lady will travel to Surfside, Florida, with no other details immediately available.

While boarding Marine One, Tuesday, a reporter asked the president if he was planning to visit Florida.
“Yes, I hope so. As soon as we can, maybe as early as Thursday,” Biden said.
The White House later confirmed that Biden and the First Lady would be traveling to Surfside on Thursday.

Just hours after the condo collapse on June 24, President Biden promised federal aid to South Florida.
Immediately afterward, FEMA arrived on site and has been on the ground and helping victims and displaced residents

This is the sixth day of searching for 150 people missing in the collapse.
Rescuers have moved from a tunnel underneath the rubble to sifting through the debris pile on top.
The work is treacherous and with two more bodies found yesterday, raising the death toll to 11.