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Prepare for stop lights on I-95 entrance ramps in Palm Beach County

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The Florida Department of Transportation is lighting up a new ramp signal system in Palm Beach County.

Starting today, I-95 on-ramps from Cypress Creek Rd, Atlantic Blvd, and Palmetto Park Road will feature traffic lights that time when drivers can enter the interstate.
The lights will only be active during peak traffic hours and when there’s significant congestion.

An FDOT Operations Specialist says “The technology is able to detect when there’s an opening on I-95, thus controlling the flow of traffic.”

So heads up, when the lights are activated, you must pull up to the white line and wait for the light to turn green. Once it does, one car at a time can proceed onto the interstate. Unlike a typical minutes-long stoplight, the red light should only last for a few seconds.

The Broward Regional Traffic Management Center will operate and adjust the signals as needed.

“We are really going to be all hands on deck, monitoring this, and looking over the data to make it as efficient as efficient as possible.”

FDOT plans to install the lights at several more locations in Palm Beach County in the coming years.