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Pregnant woman found dead after going on job interview with someone she met on Facebook

Benton County Sheriffs Office
Benton County Sheriffs Office

(TULSA, OK)–Police are reporting that a pregnant woman who went missing after going on a job interview with someone she met on Facebook, has been found dead and apart from her unborn child.
33-year-old Ashley Bush was found dead in southern Missouri on Thursday, while the body of her unborn child was found on Wednesday in another location.
Investigators say Bush was searching for a work-from-home job when she met a woman on Facebook who identified herself as “Lucy.”
“Lucy” then arranged to pick Bush up from a store on Monday and took her to a second location for a second job interview.
Bush’s fiance, told authorities that he received a text message from Bush around 3:00 p.m. letting him know that she was finished with the interview and that she was on her way back to the store where he could pick her up.
Authorities say that when Bush and “Lucy” arrived at the intersection, the driver kept going north onto Highway 43.
That was the last time Bush was seen alive.
Authorities have since identified “Lucy” as Amber Waterman. Amber and her husband Jamie Waterman have been arrested for the crime.
Multiple agencies are working on the case to piece together the timeline.
No motive has been made public.