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Pregnant woman fatally stabs the father of her unborn child

Cook County Sheriff's Office
Cook County Sheriff’s Office

(CHICAGO, IL)– A 33-year-old woman has been arrested after she fatally stabbed the father of her unborn child during an argument.

The incident occurred on Oct. 23rd at the couple’s apartment.

A person who was in the home at the time told authorities that Keshia Golden and her boyfriend 29-year-old Calvin Sidney began arguing over the use of a microwave shortly after arriving home from their baby shower.

During the argument, Golden, who is eight months pregnant, reportedly knocked a plate of food out of Sidney’s hand which prompted the witness to separate them.

Sidney was said to have walked into another room but Golden followed him inside with a knife.

Golden then stabbed Sidney in the leg and left the home.

Sidney was rushed to a hospital with a cut femoral artery and later died.

Golden was arrested when she returned to the apartment. According to the report, she was unaware that Golden died from the attack.

She didn’t mean to kill anyone,” Golden’s mother, Tarsha Ellis, told the Chicago Sun-Times. “She’s broke up about it. She didn’t know you could kill someone by stabbing them in the leg. She just wanted him to leave because he was acting out, and she was worried about hurting the baby. And he wouldn’t go.”

Golden is facing a murder charge and is being held on $2 million bail.

During Golden’s bond hearing Golden’s public defender claimed that the $2 million bail was “cruel.”

Prosecutors also pointed out that the couple was in a toxic relationship with police having to come to the home on at least five occasions since July.

On one of the occasions, Golden was said to have taken out an order of protection against Sidney after he punched her in the face.

On another occasion, Golden cut Sidney in the neck with a knife causing him to seek medical care. He declined, however, to press charges.